Pace Car

This program is based on a cooperative effort between the police department andFort Mill Pace Car Setting the Standard residents of Fort Mill. The objective is to make Fort Mill a safer place to live, drive and bike.

As a pace car driver, speed limits and traffic laws are strictly followed. Because pace cars are driving the speed limit, the cars behind them must also drive the speed limit. The crux of this program is to promote responsibility of courteous and safe driving to the motorists.

Neighborhood Pace Car Pledge

Fort Mill Police Department encourages all residents to read and sign a Neighborhood Pace Car Pledge. Once that is done, pace car drivers can proudly display their stickers and know they are making a difference.

Rules for the Challenge

The challenge for participants will be to incorporate the pledge into daily driving habits and "set the pace" for others. Following these rules of the road will demonstrate safe driving behavior:

1. Drive within the speed limit on city streets and adhere to all of the traffic laws in this state.

2. Stop to let pedestrians cross and be courteous to bicyclists and others.

3. Display my Pace Car Sticker on my car where others can clearly see me setting the standard.

4. Devote my full attention to driving by limiting cell phone usage and pledge to never text message while behind the wheel.

5. Be a courteous and aware pedestrian when I am walking.

6. Be a courteous and aware cyclist when I am biking.