Stormwater Week 2022

website headerStormwater Week 2022 will be September 26 thru 30.  The Fort Mill Stormwater Department will have fun activities throughout the week for Town of Fort Mill residents to enjoy while learning about the importance of Stormwater!  

Contests will be open from September 26 to October 14, including: 

  • Stormwater Geocaching
  • Stormwater Selfie Challenge
  • Where's Drippy Photo Scavenger Hunt 

Stormwater Geocaching

There will be three geocaches placed around Town for you to find!  Clues will be posted on the Town's social media as well as on  Find all three geocaches to win a small prize from Fort Mill Stormwater.  Everyone who completes the series will also be eligible to win a grand prize pack (winner will be notified October 20).   Download your Geocaching Passport or stop by Town Hall (200 Tom Hall Street) to pick one up! You'll find them on the front desk, under the Town Seal. 

Families, these three caches are within a short walk of each other (about 1.25 round trip) and it is mostly stroller friendly! There is one cache where you go off the trail just a bit.   Have fun and don't forget to let us know when you find them all! 

Down by the River(rock) coordinates: N 35° 00.568 W 080° 56.993

Welcome to the Town of Fort Mill Stormwater Department's geocache trail!  First up is a cache in Walter Elisha Park.  This cache is located in an area that is designed to help with the flow of water in the park.  Stormwater is any water that falls from the sky.  What we leave on the ground can end up in our waterways--remember, stormwater doesn't get cleaned or treated before it flows to the closest stream.  

Stormwater isn't Tree-ted coordinates: N 35° 00.470 W 080° 57.245

Did you know that stormwater isn't cleaned or treated?  It goes straight from the storm drain into the closest creek or body of water!  Water that hit the pavement in the parking lot went into a storm drain and then flowed right into this creek!  You'll have to leave the beaten path for this one and find yourself an Ent friend (you can tell this old girl has had a rough life but she's still standing tall!).  

Let me tele-you about Stormwater! coordinates: N 35° 00.358 W 080° 57.509

The Town of Fort Mill is part of the Catawba River watershed.  That means all the stormwater that flows into our creeks eventually makes its way to the Catawba River (and after that--the ocean!).  This cache is located close to Dye Branch Creek.  The stormwater from Walter Elisha Park flows into a small tributary that makes its way to this creek.  Dye Branch flows to the Catawba.  

Remember, help keep trash and debris out of our creeks and waterways by putting trash where it belongs--in the trash can (or recycling bin!) but never in our storm drains.

Stormwater Selfie Challenge

Join us in the Stormwater Selfie Challenge!  Post your photos and tag us the Fort Mill Stormwater Department using the hashtag #FMSWSelfie so we can find your posts!  Selfies can be individual or group (or you can just take cute pictures of your pet completing the challenges!)

Everyone who completes the challenge will win a prize from Fort Mill Stormwater and each completed entry will be eligible for the grand prize!  When you complete all the challenges, email Mina at to confirm your posts!

Stop by the Front Desk at Town Hall to pick up your Selfie Challenge Card or download it here.  Physical cards will be available in mid-September. 

Drippy Yoga video can be found on our Fort Mill Stormwater Facebook page!

Where's Drippy Photo Scavenger Hunt

Each day during Stormwater Week, we will post a photo of Drippy at a different location around town.  See if you can figure out where Drippy is and tell us your guess!  Like and share the image to be included in the prize drawing! Bonus points for anyone who goes to the location and takes a selfie of their own!  

Big blue water drop mascot Drippy poses on Main Street Fort Mill