Mobile Food Vendors

Food truck stock photo

In an effort to help promote safety and encourage business opportunities, Fort Mill Town Council approved a revision to its ordinance relating to Mobile Food Vendors on October 24, 2022 that goes into effect on November 23, 2022.  

There are now two separate processes for Mobile Food Vendor approvals within Town; one for the Mobile Food Vendor to gain approval to operate within the Town limits and one for a property owner to host a Mobile Food Vendor.  

Mobile Food Vendor Approval Process:

In order to operate as a Mobile Food Vendor in the Town of Fort Mill, Mobile Food Vendors need to first contact the Town's Fire Marshal for an inspection.  Upon approval by the Fire Marshal, a Mobile Food Vendor will need to apply for and obtain a Town of Fort Mill Business License.  At that time, the Mobile Food Vendor will be placed on the Town's Approved Mobile Food Vendor List (SEE APPROVED LIST), which notifies property owners of all Mobile Food Vendors that are authorized to work within the Town of Fort Mill.

Mobile Food Vendors are required to collect and remit hospitality taxes to the Town and follow all applicable zoning regulations at all time.  For more information, please click here to access the Town's Mobile Food Vendor Approval Packet.

Property Owner Approval Process (also called Mobile Food Vendor Operation Permit Process):

Property owners must request approval from the Town's Planning Department or Planning Commission (as is sometimes applicable) in order to host food trucks on their property.  Mobile Food Vendors are allowed to operate with approval at the following locations:

  1. As a part of a Town approved special event (Planning Department Approval)
  2. As an accessory use to a craft brewery or distillery (Planning Department Approval)
  3. As an accessory use to a school or church (Planning Department Approval)
  4. As an accessory use to a commercial establishment (Planning Department Approval)
  5. At a space approved by the Planning Commission in a pedestrian-oriented area such as downtown, a mixed-use district, major park or venue, or employment campus.
  6. Notwithstanding the above, no Mobile Food Vendor shall be allowed to operate on a single-family residential lot.

Once approved, the property owner is able to host any Mobile Food Vendor that have previously been authorized to work within the Town of Fort Mill (SEE APPROVED LIST).  For more information, please click here to access the Town's Property Owner Application Packet (Mobile Food Vendor Operation Permit).