Storm Drain Marking

Help prostorm drain marking picturetect Fort Mill’s streams by educating our community about how we all impact our waterways! Volunteers with the Storm Drain Marking Program glue decals onto storm drains that say, “No Dumping Drains to Waterway”. We hope to mark a majority of the storm drains in the Town of Fort Mill, and we need your help!

Many people think stormwater is treated or cleaned before it reaches a stream or lake. The truth is that stormwater and stormwater pollution throughout Fort Mill and York County drains directly into our streams and waterways. The cleaner we keep our stormwater, the cleaner our streams and lakes will be—for all of us!

We hope that Storm Drain Marking will help prevent dumping of things like oil, paint, chemicals, and trash into storm drains and also inspire people to prevent stormwater pollution in their neighborhoods.

Volunteering for the Storm Drain Marking Program can be as small or as large a project as you like. You can mark a few storm drains by yourself, or you can recruit a group of people to mark a bunch of storm drains on several streets.  This is a great project for HOAs, student groups, Scouts, churches, and corporate groups as well as individuals and families.

Contact Mina at for more details!