How will the fee be calculated if my intended use is not on the impact fee schedule?

In the event that a fee payer or Town staff contend that the land use for which the building permit is being sought is not within those land uses identified in Exhibit A, or if the fee payer contends that the Exhibit A calculations are not accurate for its intended use, then the Planning Director will make a determination as to the most comparable land use category to assume for calculating impact fees.
If the fee payer disagrees with the determination of the Planning Director or if the Town otherwise deems it appropriate, an independent impact fee calculation may be performed to quantify the fair share of system improvement costs attributable to the development.
Preparation of an independent impact fee calculation will immediately halt the building permit application process until such time that the necessary calculation is deemed complete by the Planning Director. If an independent calculation is requested, it must accompany the building permit application and be prepared in accordance with the impact fee ordinance.
When an application for a building permit has been made that contains two or more land uses in any combination, including two or more land uses within a single building or structure, the total development impact fee assessment shall be the sum of the products for each land use, unless an independent impact fee calculation is performed and approved for use by the Planning Director.

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