Why did Town Council adopt an impact fee ordinance?

As communities grow, the demands placed on surrounding infrastructure continue to rise. Eventually, these demands will necessitate additional capacity improvements to maintain adequate levels of public service.
Impact fees provide a means for orderly development by mitigating the negative impacts of new growth, while passing costs onto new development rather than existing taxpayers. Impact fees are most useful in communities that are experiencing rapid growth and have significant land available for development.

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1. What are impact fees?
2. Why did Town Council adopt an impact fee ordinance?
3. When will the town start collecting impact fees?
4. How are impact fees calculated?
5. What is a discount rate?
6. How and when are impact fees paid?
7. Do impact fees apply to all types of construction?
8. How will the fee be calculated if my intended use is not on the impact fee schedule?
9. Can an impact fee assessment be appealed?
10. Do I need to pay an impact fee if I am opening a business in an existing structure?
11. How can I receive an impact fee credit?
12. Are impact fees refundable?
13. Can the impact fee amounts be changed in the future?
14. How will the town spend revenues collected from impact fees?