Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection

The Town of Fort Mill provides water distribution and storage services for residential and commercial customers in the Fort Mill area.  The system consists of two elevated storage tanks and miles of distribution mains ranging from 1.5" to 24" in diameter.  All potable water is purchased from the City of Rock Hill and is sourced from Lake Wylie. For more information on source waters, please visit the City of Rock Hill’s website.

The Town of Fort Mill also provides sanitary sewer service to our more than 8,000 residential and commercial customers in the Fort Mill area.  Our mission is to provide quality sanitary sewer service to customers by ensuring the integrity and reliability of the collection system by effectively treating the community’s wastewater and producing clean water for discharge into the Catawba River.

On-Call Staff

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible customer service, we have staff on call 24/7. 

If you are experiencing a sewer emergency between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday: Please call (803) 547-7158 and our staff will assist you.

If you are experiencing a sewer emergency after 5:00 PM or on weekends or holidays: Please call (803) 547-7158 and your call will be taken by an after-hours representative.  An operator will contact you and promptly be onsite to help.  

It is important that you call us first before calling a plumber as, in most cases, we can assist in helping you before you spend hundreds of dollars.  We have the knowledge and equipment to provide skilled and prompt service to our customers in their time of need.

Water Service Lines

Water service lines are maintained by the Town of Fort Mill from the distribution main to the meters.  Please report any leaks or water issues from the meter out towards the street to the Town of Fort Mill immediately.

Leaks or water issues located between the meter and your home or office are the responsibility of the property owner.  It is important to remember that leaks on the home/office side of the meter can be costly to the property owner and therefore should be addressed by your plumber as soon as possible.

Sewer Collection Mains

The Town of Fort Mill maintains sewer collection mains only.  All lateral sewer service lines and connections are the responsibility of the home owner from the house to the main. Operators will provide service at the request of homeowners and completion of a non-waiver of defense agreement to help clear blockages and stop overflows.  However, the Town of Fort Mill is not responsible for the lateral sewer service lines.

More Information

For more information about the services provided by the Utilities Department, call (803) 547-7158. We are your hometown utility connection and we’re committed to serving our customers.