Curbside Pickup

Items for Curbside Pickup

All trash bags must be placed inside the trash can, and the lid must be able to close so trash doesn’t fall out onto the ground while the can is being lifted for emptying. Items placed at the curb will be picked up the same day as trash, including yard debris and tree limbs that have been cut and moved to the road by the resident. Items such as appliances, furniture, cardboard boxes, etc., will also be removed the same day.

Note that cardboard boxes left at the curb will not be recycled (place broken down boxes in the recycle can or take them to a York County Solid Waste and Recycling Center for recycling). For a list of what we do and do not collect, and for more information about Sanitation and Curbside services, please click on the documents at the bottom of this page.  

Curbside Collection Do's and Don'ts

Trash Items That Need to Be Bagged

Disposal of Electronics

It is against the law for the Town of Fort Mill Public Works Department to collect Computer Monitors, Televisions and Printers, as well as parts of any of these items, for disposal at the York County Landfill. These and similar items may not be placed in your trash or recycle cart.

Town residents will be required to dispose of these items at any of the 16 York County Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Centers. More information regarding electronics recycling can be found by visiting Electric Recycling.

Construction Materials

Any construction materials or items placed at the curb by a contractor, including plywood, bricks, concrete, metals, and roofing materials, will not be removed by Town personnel.  York County Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Centers will accept small amounts of construction materials.  Contact the York County Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Department at 803-628-3181 or the York County Landfill at 803-628-3186 for additional information.

Disposal of Medical Waste and Unwanted Medication

Medical waste such as used needles, syringes, and lancets (“sharps”) must be disposed of with care to avoid injuries to sanitation workers and landfill staff and to prevent the spread of disease. SCDHEC has developed the “Get the Point” program to address concerns, and information on how to dispose of those items is available on their website here: Get the Point

 Unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medication can be disposed of locally at CVS at 1740 Hwy 160 West in Fort Mill at a kiosk in the pharmacy department during pharmacy hours. Sharps, aerosols, inhalers, illicit drugs, and chemotherapy waste are NOT accepted at the kiosk.  Walgreen’s does not have a kiosk, but offers free DisposeRX packets by request at the pharmacy counter for safe disposal of unused or expired medications. Note that the Fort Mill Police Department lobby is not open to the public due to COVID-19 and cannot accept unwanted medication for disposal at this time.

 Reminder: NEVER dispose of sharps or medications down the drain. Most wastewater treatment facilities are not equipped to remove pharmaceuticals from the wastewater, and they end up in our streams and rivers.

Bulk Collection Service
Sanitation and Curbside Information