Crime Prevention

fmpd vehicleOur Crime Prevention Unit’s philosophy is more than just encouraging residents to implement sturdy locks, good lighting, and personal awareness. We believe in working together with our citizens to make Fort Mill a safe and pleasant place to live. Our crime prevention specialists provide many services including:

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is an extremely successful crime prevention program. We will help you organize your first meeting and provide you with useful information pertaining to your neighborhood.


Our crime prevention specialist acts as a liaison between the police department and the community, providing a consistent and personal point of contact.

Resource and Referral

Crime prevention specialists are available to answer questions, provide information and give referrals to the general public regarding matters related to crime prevention and quality of life issues.

Security surveys

Does your landscaping offer burglars a place to hide? Can your porch be seen from the street? Are your windows and doors locked securely? Our crime prevention officer will inspect your home and offer suggestions to improve your home security at no cost to you.

Vacation Check

Simply call the non-emergency number and advise the dispatcher that you will be leaving town, answer a few simple questions, and your home will be placed on our confidential property check list. That means your home will be checked several times during the day and night giving you piece of mind while you are away from home. Here are a few of the questions that will be asked:

  • What day are you leaving?
  • What day are you returning?
  • Are there vehicles in the driveway?
  • Do you have an emergency contact number?