Adopt-A-Stream Program

Adopt a StreamKeeping Waterways Clean

As our town continues to grow, it becomes more difficult to keep our waterways clean! The miles of streams within the Town of Fort Mill require volunteers to assist in the locating and reporting of water pollution. The Adopt-A-Stream Program allows for residents of Fort Mill to be involved with the community while providing valuable information to the Stormwater Department. This is great opportunity for church groups, corporate sponsorship, school clubs, homeowner’s association groups, sports teams, or just a group of friends!  For more information about volunteering for this program please contact the Stormwater Management Coordinator at

A view of our beautiful Catawba RiverCleaner Environment

The visual benefits of a cleaner environment are clear to all that live in the community where these waterways are! A beautiful and clean community is wanted by all residents and town employees. However, the secondary benefits should also be recognized:

  • Developing citizen “ownership” of the area
  • Providing individuals with opportunities to get outside and engage in the outdoors
  • Informal monitoring for new invasive species
  • Developing civic leadership in young people through sponsoring organizations
  • Reduced expenses for litter control

Adopt-a-Stream Application

  1. Adopt a Stream
  2. If your group knows what segment of creek you want to adopt, please list/describe it here.  

  3. This number may vary, but please let us know how many people you anticipate having at your clean ups, so we can get you the proper amount of gear.

  4. What is the age range of participants in your group?

  5. Agreement

    The work will be performed under and in accordance with the Town of Fort Mill Stormwater Department's Adopt-a-Stream General Program Conditions and Safety Guidelines (both on website and incorporated herein by reference).

    Applicants to whom an Adopt-a-Stream Program Designation and Agreement are issued shall at all times indemnify and save harmless the Town of Fort Mill and all of its employees, agents and officers, from responsibility, damage, or liability arising from the exercise of the privileges granted under designated programs.  The Program Designation and Agreement may be terminated by the Town of Fort Mill at any time.  The Town of Fort Mill reserves the right to revise or discontinue the Adopt-a-Stream Program at any time. 

  6. As a designated representative of the group listed above, I have read, understand and shall comply with the Adopt-a-Stream General Program Conditions and Safety Guidelines regarding participation in the program*
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