Land Disturbance Permits

Land Disturbance

"Land Disturbance" means any activity that changes the physical conditions of land form, vegetation and hydrology, creates bare soil, or otherwise may cause erosion or sedimentation. Such activities include, but are not limited to clearing, removal of vegetation, stripping, grading, grubbing, excavating, filling, logging and storing of materials.

The Town of Fort Mill’s Stormwater Department is responsible for construction site inspections on approved land disturbance activities and enforcement of the Town’s stormwater ordinance.

Land Disturbance Permit

To ensure the protection of the Town’s stormwater drainage system, public health and water quality, a Land Disturbance Permit must be issued prior to any land disturbing activities for all new single family residential construction, new development, and redevelopment projects except those development activities that are exempt from the provisions of the Town of Fort Mill’s Stormwater Ordinance under Sec. 16-302(b). Please refer to the Stormwater/Land Disturbance Checklist (please see below) for information related to the requirements that must be met to obtain a permit.

Land Disturbance Fee Schedule

The application for a Land Disturbance Permit to disturb in the Town shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee according to the Town of Fort Mill Budget Ordinance, Chapter 16. Stormwater. A Performance Bond in the amount of $3000 per acre of disturbed area (or as amended in the Town Manager’s designee’s fee schedule) according to the Town of Fort Mill Stormwater Ordinance, Sec. 16-307(e) is also required.

Permit Forms & Ordinances