Land Disturbance of less than 5000 sqft

For projects that disturb less than 5000 sqft, the following the following will be needed:

  • Land Disturbance Submittal Application
  • Notification form for sites disturbing less than 1 acre (DHEC Form 2628)
  • Sketch Plan – Must include:
    • North arrow and scale
    • Legend
    • Storm and utility lines that are located on the property
    • Easements on the property
    • Route of stormwater flow using arrows to show the direction of flow from the disturbed area as it exits to the undisturbed area
    • Location of silt fence installed to intercept the sediment laden stormwater flow as it exits the disturbed area
    • Location of rock outlets in silt fence at the lowest point or points in the silt fence
    • Location of concrete washout (if using concrete, washout must be accessible to placement and delivery equipment)