Information for HOAs

HOA-Board-Meeting-Agenda-768x361Many communities in Fort Mill have a Home Owner's Association (HOA) that governs the shared responsibility of neighborhood maintenance.   One aspect that is important for HOA boards and neighborhood residents is the stormwater infrastructure that is the responsibility of the HOA.  

If a road in your neighborhood is a Town of Fort Mill road, there is a right-of-way from the center of the road in either direction. Infrastructure that falls outside of that zone would be the responsibility of either the HOA or the individual property owner.   Not sure if your road belongs to the Town of Fort Mill?  Check your road on York County GIS Road Search

Stormwater ponds, both wet and dry, are a vital part of neighborhood infrastructure.  These ponds help to control stormwater runoff, filter sediments from the water and slowly release it into our waterways.  Keeping your neighborhood ponds maintained and in good working order is vital to the health of your stormwater system.

The Town of Fort Mill is happy to help communities educate their HOA board members as well as residents on this important topic.  Reach out to our Stormwater Management Coordinator to set up an informational presentation about stormwater ponds and what boards and residents can do to keep their systems working properly.   Please email Mina at to schedule a presentation. 

Want a good overview of how a wet pond works?  Check out this video from NC State professor Dr. Bill Hunt

If you are a local stormwater maintenance provider and would like to be included on our BMP Providers List, please email Mina at  Please note, all companies listed must have a Town of Fort Mill Business License.  For information on how to apply for a Town business license, please click here